There are two types of absence: authorised and unauthorised.

Authorised absence includes:

  • A morning or afternoon session away from school for a good reason such as illness.
  • Medical / Dental appointments (but we hope that parents will try to make these outside school time).
  • Emergencies or unavoidable events (e.g. family bereavements).

For all of these an explanation for the absence from the child’s parent / carer is required.

Unauthorised absence includes:

  • Parents keeping children away from school unnecessarily.
  • Truancy.
  • Unexplained absence.
  • Persistent lateness.
  • Shopping trips.
  • Day trips and holidays in school time.

Absences of this type are recorded as unauthorised on the school register.

For either of the above absences a school absence request form must be completed and reviewed by the Headteacher beforehand, these forms are available from the school office.



If your child is ill and cannot attend school then you should inform the office via email or telephone by 9am on the first day of absence and give some indication of the expected day of return. We recognise that there will be occasions when children are too unwell to attend school, but ask that parents do not keep children off unnecessarily. Remember if your child is too unwell to cope with the school day we will always contact you. Please also be aware that HPA Guidance states that children suffering from digestive illness should be kept away from school for 48 following the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.Lateness

Parents are responsible for getting children to school on time. Arriving late, even by only a few minutes, means children have an unsettled start to the day and their learning and that of other children is disrupted.

At Kirtlington School our school day starts at 8.40am, please ensure that children arrive punctually.



From September 2013 The Department for Education made amendments to the regulations with regard to school attendance. Headteachers in all schools will no longer be allowed to authorise leave of absence for any family holidays. From September 2013 headteachers have not been able to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances and the number of days authorised for this would be determined by the headteacher (DFE Guidance June 2013). This means that we are no longer allowed to authorise leave of absence for family holidays. Any leave of absence requests can only be authorised by the headteacher in exceptional circumstances. Should parents take their child on holiday regardless, then this will be counted as unauthorised absence (truancy).