Daily Routines


Start of the School Day

  • Children are permitted to arrive on site from 8.35 am and enter the classrooms via their cloakroom areas.
  • We encourage children to develop skills of independence and responsibility as early as possible and entering the classroom on their own, looking after their book bags or hanging up their coats enables them to do this.
  • Parents and carers are welcome to say goodbye to their child/children on the school playground but should not attempt to enter classrooms/cloakroom areas.
  • On arrival at their classrooms, the children will have an early morning activity prepared for them by the teacher. This enables the children to have a focused, productive start to the school day.
  • School begins at 8.40 am.
  • The school gate will be locked at 8.50am. Children arriving after this time need to enter school via the school reception so that the office team can register them.
  • Parents of Foundation Stage children are encouraged to greet a member of the Early Years team at the classroom gate (near the school pond) to share any information about their child which may be useful for the team to know so that it doesn’t impact upon their child’s learning at school that day.
  • In the morning, a member of the office team or Headteacher will be available by the main entrance to collect messages regarding children’s welfare which need to be passed onto class teachers and any messages of a more general nature regarding school life. For any longer discussions, please contact the school office for an appointment.
  • Access to the school should always be made via the main school reception area after this time so our safeguarding procedures for visitors can be followed.


End of the School Day

  • The School gates are unlocked at 3.05pm
  • Parents should wait on the playground (or outside of classrooms for younger children) until children are dismissed by their teachers at 3.10pm.
  • All children will only be released by staff to a known adult. Where collection arrangements are different to usual e.g. a grandparent is picking up, then parents should inform the school office and the password system should be operated with the class teacher at the end of day
  • Children in year 5 or 6 are allowed to walk home on their own. This is only allowed with written permission from the parent and indicated on the data collection sheets at the start of the school academic year.
  • For any children not collected, the school office will contact parents and the class teacher will remain responsible for the child until parents are able to collect.
  • In order to ensure the safety of children attending after school clubs, and all adults still working on the school site, the school gates will be locked at 3.15pm and we request that parents and children have left the site by this time.
  • Please be aware that once a child is with their parent or carer, then the parent or carer is responsible for their behaviour and safety. Our health and safety risk assessments state that staff members are able to supervise children on the school play equipment during school hours therefore after, school hours children are not allowed to play on the school playground equipment.


The compulsory hours at Kirtlington Primary school are 8:40am – 3:10pm. This is a total of 32.5 hours per week.