Kirtlington C E Primary School Council

The School Council is a group of pupils, led by Mrs Vincent, who have been elected by their peers to represent their class views.

Members of the School Council can propose ideas and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers and classes. The School Council are then responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

The main aims of our School Council are to help children and young people to:

  • enjoy and feel empowered by their education
  • feel that their school responds to their needs and views
  • develop life skills through participation
  • have a say about decisions and to play an active role in making their school the best it can be

The School Council leads on numerous projects through the year such as carrying out surveys to find out what pupils think and seeks to raise awareness of local as well as national charities by planning fundraising events like Children in Need. The School Council also represents the school at important events like the Remembrance Day Service and works closely with the head teacher to make important decisions about the school, the school values and school rules.

School Charity

This year we are proud to support Asylum Welcome as our school charity.