Y5 Street Dance – 8 Feb 18

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On Thursday 8th February 2018, Y5 went to Marlborough School for a Street Dance experience. The session started off with a stretch and then we learnt a few moves such as the Helicopter and Side Baby Freeze. After that, we learnt the first part of the dance where we pretended to do our hair, get our bags and walk to the school bus. Next, we turned gangster! We pretended to raise the roof, G-slide and crush plates on our knees. We took the register, jumped up, and had a dance off using our street dance skills in 8 beats.

There were some impressive moves on the dance floor – like the Side Baby Freeze, Cartwheelsplits and the Worm. The final move was pushing the classroom door open and ending up cross-legged on the floor ready to go home.

Back in school, we taught the year 4’s in our PE lesson how to do the routine. We taught them section by section. Each group added an 8 bar freestyle section. It was so much fun! After two weeks of rehearsals, we performed our dance in front of the parents. We brought in clothes from home – baseball caps and chains -we felt awesome. We did the routine twice and after we had finished we all wanted to do it again.

By Niamh Hilsdon and Robin Beesley (Year 5)