Year 6 Residential Trip – Thursday 21st June

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We got wet!


After a breakfast of cereals, hash browns, spaghetti hoops and toast, we headed off to collect our equipment for our day caving. We each had a helmet with head torch, a caving onesie and a pair of wellington boots.


We drove to a cave in the Brecon Beacons (over 45minutes away) called  Porth Yr Ogof – the cave’s passageways are over 2.25km in length. As you entered the cave’s mouth and turned around it was beautiful to look out at the crystal clear water and greenery (Ellie said it reminded her of the images she had of the Amazon). Before we went into the cave, we learnt some basic rules such as, don’t go into water that is above your knee. Then, our first challenge was the worm hole which took us into the passageways.


There were many different challenges for example, the letterbox, the maze, the toilet and the log flume which were all quite aptly named. We took it in turns to lead each challenge, or be the ‘tail end charlie’.


We found out that the cave is made of limestone, we saw stalagmites and  stalactites, and we could see fossils of shells. All in all, we were 10 meters underground for nearly four hours.


On the way back, we were discussing whether we would unpack our own bags when we got home now we are so independent (11 out of 12 agreed 😊)


We had chilli, rice and nachos for tea followed by fruit crumble and cream. We even managed to save a plate for Philip when he arrived back.


Then, we had to clear up, pack our bags and visit the shop before we had some free time to play in the grounds with the other school. Mrs Owen had returned to Kirtlington so Mrs England was with us and she’d treated us to some cookies with our hot chocolate before bed.


We will see you Friday 6.30pm!


Eich gweld yfory