Year 6 Residential Update from Tuesday 19th June – Canoeing

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This morning, we had an early start at 7.30 am. Ellie and Bailey were on duty for breakfast – we had cereals and scrambled egg on toast. After breakfast, we met our group tutor, Dan, in our communal area and he briefed us about the day. We were going canoeing  on the canal! 

First, we had to go to the equipment store to collect a helmet, a bouyoncy jacket and a paddle. We put all our spare clothing and lunches into watertight barrels, worked as a team to put the canoes on the trailer before climbing aboard our minibus. 

We had a short journey to the canal where Dan taught us some basic skills such as, how to hold our paddle. We learnt how to steer and direct our canoes by working in pairs and we managed to canoe 5km. We canoed over an aqueduct and at one point, Dan had to save a sheep who had fallen into the water.

A few of us also ‘fell’ into the water along the way. However, at the end of the day, Dan upturned a canoe so we could all use it as a slide into the canal. Even Miss Jenkins and Mrs Owen slid down. 

When we got back, we were all desperate for a shower but we had to do our chores first. We had to put all the equipment away and sweep the minibus. Only then, could we shower and change for dinner (pasta bake, salad and fruit salad). Lily-Mai, Isabella and Lorenzo were on duty, but what was really nice was that we shared tables with St Ebbes. 

We’ve just back from an evening walk up the hills where we lay in a field and just listened. Then, we talked about what we could (and couldn’t) hear. Nick, one of the tutors, complimented us on how well we listened and how well we allowed others to listen

It’s climbing walls and high ropes tomorrow, so we’re off to bed.