Year 6 Residential – Wednesday 20th June

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Bacon rolls this morning! Harry and Ellis were on duty. 

We were on site today – the  theme was ‘climbing’. First, we went to the cellar room to collect our specialist equipment: helmets, harnesses, ropes and carabiners, and once Dan had taught us how to use the equipment safely, we headed to the climbing wall. We worked in teams of 4 – one of us was the climber, the belay, the spotter and the plonker (a face to face explanation is probably easier) but we took it in turns in each role. Most of us climbed to the top and even Bailey, with his arm in a splint, managed to climb up part of the way one handed. What an achievement!

After a spot of lunch, we practised on the low ropes all that we needed to know in order to keep safe on the high ropes. We helped each other along the high ropes course by manning each platform and ensuring we used our carabiners correctly. There were challenging obstacles such as, the tarzan swings, a balancing beam, a zip wire and an abseil at the end. Some of us found it quite scary but it was really exciting.

After the high ropes, we went over to a huge zip wire. We had to climb up a tree to reach the start, so we worked with a partner who bilayed whilst we climbed. We were attached to the zip wire and then jumped off. Some of the class raced whoever was on the zip wire down the field! 

We even had time to climb the totem pole… some of us managed to stand up on the top whilst others got close. We then had to jump off – it felt like a fairground ride! 

Dinner tonight was a roast chicken dinner (Rosa had a nut roast). Mrs Crocker joined us and then left with Philip and Lily-Mai. 

Our evening activity was map orienteering – different to photo orienteering- which was a competition and Ben, Ellis and Harry won – they will get a prize but we don’t know what yet (wobbly rubbers???) 

Caving tomorrow!