Yr 6 Residential Update Tuesday 19th June 18

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Monday Evening 18th June

We travelled in style on a luxury coach, with St Ebbes Primary School, and managed to watch two whole films, Madagascar and Finding Nemo. 

When we arrived at Woodlands, Dylan, our course leader, and Dan, our group leader, showed us around the grounds and buildings. We had a late lunch of pizza and flapjack outside on the picnic tables. 

Then, we quickly made up our beds and unpacked before playing Outdoor Business which involved both mental and physical challenges. One scenario was, ‘Strike a Note’ where we had to work as a team to lift each other up to ring a bell suspended at what we think is ceiling height. We even managed to lift Lily-Mai up in an off road wheel chair so she could ring the bell too. 

Our dinner duty people this evening were Isabella and Aaron and we’ll all have a turn during the week (we don’t have servants here so we have to do it!) It was fish, chips and peas – Harry said they were ‘yummy’ – and jelly for pudding. 

After tea, there was orienteering or you could watch the England football match. Whilst orienteering, we worked in mixed groups with St Ebbes and helped each other. We met lots of new people and have already made lots of new friends. Aaron and Bailey got the highest score in our house so the won ‘wobbly rubbers’. 

We are writing this as we drink hot chocolate and eat chocolate biscuits.  

We also had a lovely surprise this afternoon – to be revealed when we come home …

love from, Holly class

Tuesday AM

Everyone has slept well and we are now heading off for breakfast, today’s activity is Canoeing.